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The Seahawks' "Prosperity Corps" made this position particularly fashionable: by cornerbacks. This corner will not only take away a player or the entire field but will also make the catcher squeeze at the edge of the ball, making it almost impossible to take the route.

You can drop any Madden QB by retracting it by developing his radio on the line. What do the recipients do when they struggle to get out of the quarrel and when their timing is wrong? I am used to getting MUT 20 Coins on GameMS.

So, which corner of the MUT can you lock to lock the opposite wide receiver?

Before I knew Ward, his excellent statistics made him the best corner of the game, thanks to the "most fearful" upgrade, which will end on November 1. His rating will drop to 92 OVR cards, 90 presses, 92 person coverage, 84 area coverage, 92 speeds, and 92 accelerations.

Ward will rely on 95 pressures, 97 coverage, 89 area coverage, 97 speeds, and 97 accelerations to fully lock all the receivers that line up opposite him, even the great Randy Moss. Even if his ratings decline, he will still be one of MUT's top news stories.

It can be said that in the recent movement of the press, Sherman must be at the top of the list. There's no doubt, Buy Madden 20 Coins on GameMS is the quickest and easiest way to get it

At a speed of 84, he is not the fastest corner. On the surface, considering his price, the score may be worrying. However, with 92 news reports, 94 regional reports, 93 awareness, and 93 game recognition capabilities, you don't have to worry about his lack of speed. He will close the entire field, not too fast.

More importantly, when 49 people win the other two games, he will undoubtedly add two more OVRs.

As a newcomer and a sixth-round selection, the Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Gardner Minshew II began to conquer the National Football League with his performance and also won the attention of fans. As Nick Foles's backup quarterback, after Nick Foles's injury to the clavicle, he became the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguar, starting with a 4-3 start. get the best Rookie of five-week and won this month's Best Rookie Award, but these achievements don't seem to help him improve his rating in Madden. If you are conquered by his performance, Gardner Minshew does not need too much Madden Coins to have it, it is a very good time.

In the Madden NFL 20 game launched by Electronic Arts, EA will adjust their rating in the game according to the player's performance. This real-time strategy also makes the Madden NFL 20 more authentic, but Minshew's rating is very strange. He currently has only 69 points and is the lowest of any starting quarterback in the league. Minshew's performance far exceeds its rating. He achieves a career-high record by passing the touchdown with the New York Jets (three games). After that, he will enter the 9th week with great enthusiasm. So far, his pass success rate is 1976 yards, the pass success rate is 61.9% (161 points out of 260 points), the touchdown score is 13 times. In comparison, the first overall score of 74, Kyler Murray, was 1,986 yards, 7 touchdowns and 4 picks, 186 out of 292 (63.7%), By comparison, we can see that the Minshew score is at least 72 to 74.

The most fundamental reason for the current rating of Gardner Minshew is that he is still in the novice season and the game is not too much. Although the performance is very good, EA's rating system is still cautious, but it is foreseeable that if Minshew continues With his excellent play, his rating will improve. For players, now is the best time to get Minshew, a very potential quarterback. Buy Madden 20 Coins at GameMS, which will guarantee you have Enough MUT 20 Coins to invest.

How can I completely close my opponent and watch them feel like they are squirming without making any yards?

We have good gameplay here, it looks like a new metagame to exchange Pinch Buck 0, so it seems that everyone is running.

A game that blocks their "running and passing" is very big, and that's it. In Madden 20, rushing is more important than ever. With this game, you can stop running, but when you try to pass when you are stupid enough, you are likely to be fired.From today to October 3, you can enjoy a 6% discount on the purchase of Madden 20 Coins from the code "Halloween" on GameMS. This is a grand promotion.

You will then use the MLB's idea to pass the short circuit in the past and stop the rapid attack.

When you choose to do this, the absolute pressure on the front line of each 5/6 person means that the optimal time for QB to send the ball away is zero. Similarly, such a large number of defenders are often difficult to compete with.

Another way to increase your play but be riskier is to put OLB in the blitz and head toward FS. Do this before the QB contains which player to set the edge with the FS. Buy MUT 20 Coins from your GameMS website will be the easiest way to trade quickly and 100% safely.

We hope this is the latest Meta Defense Money Play that will dominate MUT in your foresight. Please enjoy!
Today is the first day of November. Yesterday, Halloween has just passed, which means that the MUT Series 2 will also end. This month, MUT focuses on the MUT Heroes and Fears series, a fun new series of cards and challenges, players with 80, 85 and 90 OVR  players, per player can 100% over challenge. It is very necessary to spend some Madden 20 Coins to buy 90 OVR card. November will be the beginning of the MUT Series 3. For some players, this may not mean too much, but for many players, this means more opportunity changes and picking up some of the LTD cards that have disappeared. Let's follow with GameMS and see what you need to know about MUT Series 3.

The trophy is a competitive currency in the Madden game. You can use it to buy something. When the season is over, all the trophies you get in the bank will be halved. I don't know if you have already spent your trophy. if you like to jump in the H2H season, competitive mode such as competitive electives or solo wars, you can regain a lot of trophies without spending too much time, and if you stick to solo challenges like most people and perform well in solo challenges, then Losing half of the trophy will be a devastating blow. Of course, if you want to Buy Madden 20 Coins from a Madden coins trading store like GameMS, this will make up for your losses.

The most anticipated guess is about the Series 3 Master. After Gordon, he may become a defensive player. A good chance will be generated in both the Patriots and the 49ers, Because they play well on the defensive side, Patriots guard Stephon Gilmore already has 90 MUT superstar cards and 86 core elites and power is very likely, Devin McCourty, he is 5 The interception rate is ahead of the National Football League, and there is no special card so his chances are very large. As the rookie Nick Bosa has played very well recently, it still needs time to test. So his possibility is not very big. Regardless of who, EA may send a defensive player, and if you want, they will spend 1,050 trophies.

This is the sixth round of rookies, but the Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Gardner Minshew II gradually began to win the respect of the National Football League. Since Nick Foles' clavicle injury has led him to become Jags' starting player, he has been a starter with a 4-3 score and won five Rookie Awards for this week's award and won nine The "Rookie of the Year" award of the month. However, this respect does not seem to translate into the virtual reality world.

From today to October 3, you can enjoy a 6% discount on the purchase of Madden 20 Coins from the code "Halloween" on GameMS. This is a grand promotion.

In Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 20 game, Minshew unexpectedly scored only 69 points, which is almost the lowest score for each starting quarterback in the league. But he knows his level very well and does have some concerns about his speed. So when he learned the result, he was not confused when he was on the court.

In addition to all the jokes, Minshew greatly exceeded his current rating. In the 9th week of the game, this was a huge boost after he set a career-high with the New York Jets' touchdown (three) pass. Although I don't know you so much, I think the data can be said to be very close, I think the data can be said to be very close.

Ultimately, we’ll need to wait to find out if EA updates Minshew’s rating in the future but it’s pretty clear they have to re-evaluate him. Anyway, if you have more MUT 20 Coins, there will be a big advantage in the game. Buy MUT 20 Coins from GameMS website will be the easiest way to trade quickly and 100% safely.
The Seattle Seahawks' Prosperity Corps makes this cornerback position particularly stylish, and this corner can take a player or the entire field and squeeze the receiver to the edge of the field, making it impossible to pass the correct route. By pre-arranging the press corners on the route forward of its recipient, you can block any offense, so which excellent MUT card is worth adding to your team, GameMS will bring you the three most Worth recommending.

Denzel Ward, Most Feared (97 OVR)

Press reached 95. Ward is the best corner in this Madden 20. Ward will rely on 95 pressure, 97 coverage, 89 area coverage, 97 speed, and 97 acceleration to fully lock all receiver, even the great Randy Moss. Even if his "Most Feared" boost is over, his rating has dropped, he will still be one of MUT's hot offensive corners. The value of the auction house: Xbox – 331K / PS4 – 310K / PC – 285K, he is also not cheap, You need to prepare a lot of Madden 20 Coins to buy.

Richard Sherman, Ultimate Kickoff (91 OVR)

Press reached 92 and its auction house price was: Xbox – 380K / PS4 – 397K / PC – 268K. Maybe you will wonder if his price is too high. We should not only consider his current rating, but also should pay attention to his excellent performance on the NFL. With the continuous victory of 49 people, his rating can be improved. Foreseeable, therefore, it is also a good time to start with him. He is a perfect choice. Buy Madden 20 Coins at GameMS can help you build your favorite lineup.

Tre’Davious White, Signature Series (91 OVR)

Auction value: Xbox – 399K / PS4 – 416K / PC – not applicable, this is a powerful corner that has not yet attracted attention. It can be said that he is the best corner of the current MUT, he has 92 Press, 88 person coverage, 87 area coverage, 88 speeds, 91 awareness and 91 game recognition abilities will be with each recipient and will always appear in the right position.

First, in picking a team, opt for a team that has a balanced script. Once your ultimate team is professionally developed, a PowerUp card will probably be provided and familiar with upgrade players. Therefore, despite who your star player is, you have to first concentrate on upgrading him. Avoid wasting cash the card pack ahead of time.

You may upgrade players in training mode. Find the Tasks tab and look for the Challenge option. You will make use of completing enough challenges. You could also play solo battles and play three groups of matches per week. With 14 difficulty options, the more often it is for opponents to obtain more rewards.From today to November 3rd, will offer the coupon code "Halloween" to enjoy the Madden Coins Carnival price of 6%.

Then there may be the MUT champion. The game is held on weekends and supplies a total of 25 games. You can get a better return depending on your performance. The MUT team can begin to play with friends and give 3v3 and 2v2 games. Finally, the draft decision on a draft table and used a draft to take on others.

From just one earned currency with a trophy, together with a positive match, you can manage multiple currencies. You also can earn money through training then sell cards at the same price (for sale packaging). Buying the Buy MUT coins from your GameMS website will be the easiest way to trade quickly and 100% safely.

Familiar using the auction house - this is a great source for obtaining cards, but it could also be familiar with flip cards to obtain more coins. Night card costs are usually cheaper, so browsers are everywhere. Also, make sure you be patient using your bids – wait for a good quote then give your coin card. Keep in mind that upgrading your card prevents it from being offered in the auction house. Therefore, finding the cardboard you want to keep and upgrade becomes a lot more important.

Playing an activity unlocks different cards you could then sell. In this regard, Item Binder is quite useful since it can track your card as well as other items you own. When you need to change your's position, strategy, etc., kindly visit the team bar.

After an exciting week of competition, many players are looking forward to the MUT card update, get a new rating, the current NFL game has been completed half, the league's team results have begun to differentiate, those most The gap between those excellent teams and the backward teams is also gradually becoming obvious. The New England Patriots did not fail in the three games against Brown., while the San Francisco 49 team beat Carolina, keep the beginning of victory. Just after a busy week of competition, which players will be able to participate in the "Best Team of the Week" card?

Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers (LTD) – 92 OVR

Undoubtedly, his performance is good enough, the 49ers' defense is very good this season, which is inseparable from the excellent performance of the defensive leader Nick Bosa, as the second in this year. The rookie, his performance exceeded expectations, this week, he took three sacks against Kyle Allen. For a status line like this, he should continue to use the LTD card and his first major MUT card. He is also the best player choice for players who need to strengthen the defensive end, or who like defense. It may cost a lot of Madden Coins, but it is definitely worth the money.

Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams (Hero) – 90 OVR

Last week, the Rams went to London to give a fatal blow to the poor Bangladeshi. The star of the game belonged to Cooper Kupp. He proved that he had recovered from last year's ACL injury with his excellent performance. In the British game, Kupp was 220 yards higher on 7 catches and found the penalty area when he dominated the game.

Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers (Hero) – 90 OVR

Last week's hero card was behind Nick Bosa, probably his brother Joey, who harassed the Chicago Bears' offense all day because the stormtroopers made people from Soldier Field. Surprised victory.

The older Bosa completed 7 tackles that day, including 4 goals, 2 sacks and 3 QB hits. He is a dominant force and should be improved from his 87 OVR heavyweight cards.

For players who are currently on the rise, buying them is a very cost-effective investment. If your Madden Coins are insufficient, you can Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS, a long-established store that can satisfy all your trading needs.

Another week, another San Francisco 49ers win. They are the most shocking team of the year, nonetheless run of form isn’t likely to end before I write again, and Madden 20 has to give them a lift. Now.

The most surprising aspect of the 49er's success is the defense. You wouldn’t happen to be blamed for calling it the weak link with this team before Week 1, but through eight weeks of the year, it has gotten their strength.sIt’s time they have the Madden recognition they deserve – in conjunction with Defensive Rookie of the Year favorite, Nick Bosa.From today to November 3rd, will offer the coupon code "Halloween" to enjoy the Madden Coins Carnival price of 6%.

The biggest section of the 49ers defense could be the defensive line, boasting four first-round picks on the last 5 years, plus Dee Ford. However, Nick Bosa, the second overall pick this year, will be the leader.

Bosa was 78 OVR at launch and is also now nearly 84 OVR, yet he should climb even higher. The rookie is leading the c's in sacks and is particularly already just as one every-down type player to the 9ers. Considering he was playing with an ankle sprain during Weeks 1 and two, his production is more impressive.Now go Buy MUT coins, you will not miss, miss and wait Another year!

Against the Panthers he previously the type of game that'll be used during award season as being the point Bosa announced himself. He had three sacks, three tackles for loss, three QB hits with an interception that saw him shed a cut block before leaping and intercepting Kyle Allen.

He is now the 11th best right trigger Madden, but is tied for seventh in sacks (a gaggle that includes his older brother, Joey) which is showing being on par or greater than players like Justin Houston (87 OVR), Trey Flowers (87 OVR), or Kawann Short (85 OVR).

Bosa deserves an enhancement into the 86 OVR type range.

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