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The Path of Exile: betrayal set a new expansion record for concurrent players

The Path of Exile may be a betrayal, but it is not from its players. A studio spokesperson for Grinding Gear Games said today that the free online action role-playing game has set a new mark for concurrent players.

The betrayal expansion was released on the PC on December 6, and the POE Currency reached approximately 189,000 players. The spokesman said that two-thirds of them are from Steam. This is a 28% increase over the previous expansion height. This shows that the studio regularly updates content through new storylines, character options, projects, and loot, and it's quite possible to see a lot of returning players - and maybe some new players. The Oriath Fall Expansion, launched in August 2017, launched a high point before the players.

According to e-sports observations, the Path of Exile is the most watched game on Twitch. Twitch is the mainstream live broadcast service in the game field, ahead of Warframe and behind the Battleground of PlayerUnknown.

Why is the Path of Exile important?

The Path of Exile has been successful in Grinding Gear Games. Since the debut of the PC in 2013, the online shooting of Diablo's loot-based action RPG subsystem continues to POE Currency Buy grow. And it is preparing for a new audience on the PlayStation 4. This is part of the reason why Tencent acquired a majority stake in Grinding Gear in May.

The focus of betrayal is on your investigation of the mysterious group Immortal Syndicate. You are working with Jun Orton, a member of the Djinn Medal. They fear that the immortal syndicate has found a way to bring the dead back... without them undead. When you investigate their 18 members, you form a police-like suspect committee (you can even ask them if you capture them). It brings a new element to the Path of Exile, which not only kills enemies but also finds spoils and modifies your gear.


There, the launch Path of Exile army was not particularly smooth. There are a lot of things going down. In fact, one of our party members will hit an entire hour every two or three minutes. He will take everyone in his area. He is not the only one who has encountered a breakdown, but his performance is impressive. Frustrated. My entire six-person team was intermittent while leveling, and there wasn't much change in the map.

The boulder will make a few of us succulent, and our Essence Drain players will crash almost every time they open it. I am playing Cyclone, and whenever I get together with POE Currency another person, the chances of the Monolith's life will disappoint me is 50/50.

Even more frustrating is that if you are guiding a skill, the scene where Shaper stops the time will crash. You know, just like Cyclone. My main skills. So, whenever I try to push my Shaper impact, I will crash, and although the map is done, if I disconnect, the Shape's influence will not spread. I was cultivating the T16 and killed the Shaper before the final fix, I was able to remove the Shaper from my level 6 map. To be fair, I can exchange skills. I am just stubborn about this.

There are still many bosses. One of them is just one person, killing several famous HC players before repairing. Another problem that still exists is that hundreds of creeps are generated instead of four or five, with a lot of chaotic screens. There is a problem that bosses will use their special actions more often than they should.

I played a game with POE Currency Buy a minotaur that digs and slams, fills the arena, and quickly becomes fatal. I also played with a microfilmer who had immunity every two seconds. Since I was Vaal Pact and didn't have a source of water, I ended up killing me. At least it can be said to be frustrating.

The entire trading API is also offline on the first day of the alliance. Personally, I like SSF, so it doesn't bother me. However, several members of my team need very specific projects, and we simply can't be very frustrated with them, just as I heard them say many times that night, "I didn't sign up for the SSF team!" All the discussion of trade, I doubt how helpful it will be to calm the players.


A new Path of Exile was released last Friday. We have discussed it many times, but its purpose is to fight back on simpler alliances such as Breach and Abyss. In fact, developers often mention this in terms of violations, and playing in the league is very obvious.

So far, I have been erupting with the league myself, but it is undeniable that this is the worst league start for a long time in terms of errors and server issues. Let us look back at what happened in the past few days.

The Legion has proved its pleasure

The Legion mechanic is really great. For those who haven't played or haven't had the chance to study it, you can basically dig a huge boulder and POE Orbs two warring forces around you and freeze them in time. You have more than ten seconds to break the warriors you think you can handle, and then you fight them when the clock runs out. It may even be difficult for some builds to break a significant number of monsters and cause many players to build like Essence Drain, which allows for easy propagation between mobs.

No matter what you are playing, almost everyone agrees that the Legion Mechanic is an explosion that interacts with it. It's really hard, and being overwhelmed is a very real possibility. So far, I am already the deepest in the league, more than 400 (first to 200!), I am still struggling with the T16 map, where I broke out a lot of legion thugs. They are tough and they think it makes sense to kill.

Their rewards are basically everything added in the Path of Exile, represented by the symbols on the head. There are general weapons, armor, and currency, but there are also symbols that violate items, beasts, pioneers, amulets, maps, abyss, etc. Due to time constraints, these symbols Buy POE Orbs are not the most easily identifiable symbols, but their presence makes each boulder feel interesting and exciting.

There is also a new incubator mechanic who can put something on a piece of equipment. Once you kill the number of monsters specified on the incubator, it will discard an item for you. So far, I have acquired a six-link and some useful fossils and amulets. Before I unlocked the "valuable unique items," I had about 5,000 monsters to go, so I was very excited about it.

Before we continue, there is a small addition, because there is too much discussion here: the melee feels great. I am looking forward to playing a dozen different melee in this league, and everything I have touched so far is incredible.


There are only two days left inside countdown prior to the Path Of Exile: the Legion is released, there exists a lot of discussions and predictions concerning the update, so we have some guidelines after Wraeclast. According to a current interview with game director Chris Wilson , good news we get is the fact that when you enter an ecosystem that you aren't familiar with, they desire to strengthen the overall game through the next major update, the Legion, to put it differently. Also known as the brand new player Is far more difficult than you imagine.

To some, the Renewal Corps has grown to be more hostile. In turn, players, whether new or experienced, could get more rewards POE Currency when overcoming tough enemies or bosses. We don't know why this is accomplished, you can make sure that The experience creates a sense of new tools by avoiding attacks.

According to Chris Wilson, prior to a Legion was already released, the group was fitting in with rebalancing early monster battles, rendering it more difficult and satisfying. Many players expressed their expectations for change, just waiting 2 or 3 days to know how the latest Updates changed the decline during the early game battles.

More supplements on balance adjustment will probably be applied to melee combat by way of a range of areas, including early combat, the opportunity to hit multiple targets, skill rebalancing, and support for gems.

For more information on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, see June 7.

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The Legion may be the expansion from the POE in June, consisting of challenging leagues, new projects, new gems, melee fighting game range reforms, and much more player expectations. You will fight with five legions while seeking. In order for these to be liberated from eternal conflict for centuries, you need to win. This may be a guide and method to help you share MMOAH better and faster.

Since GGG announced the Path Of Exile: the Legion continues to be more than a week considering that the new version, below ten days from the new edition. When exploring Wraeclast within the Legion Alliance, you will get endless wars and battles while using enemies from the five legions Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal, and Eternal Empire. In the eternal conflict, hundreds of years of trouble, the strongest leader inside history of Wraeclast continues to be fighting the eternal war. In order to liberate their legions and effectively defeat them, pest guide and technique to help you share MMOAH better and faster, you may be a novice or even an experienced player.

Eternal boulder

At the beginning on the Legion Alliance, the most crucial task you need to accomplish is to buy an EXP or even an upgrade. While exploring, you must discover Timeless Monoliths and also the frozen battle once activated.

You can break monsters and boxes by inflicting damage to them. When Monolith's effects disappear before the time ends, be sure to fight them. The stronger the monster you kill, the harder the rewards you have, as well as the more dangerous it's going to be.

2. Melee skills

Second, you have to master the melee skills inside updated 3.7 league, which may be the key to victory. Most categories have added new mobility skills, you'll be able to attack multiple adjacent enemies by melee without getting limited by attack animation, mainly from the new melee skills called Bladestorm and a couple reserved skills.

You can begin with Blood Stance and rehearse the aura skill to freely switch between two poses of blood and sand while retaining no below 10% in the mana.

The effect that ought to be mentioned might be more damaged areas, however, the affected area is smaller when confronted with blood melee skills. On the contrary, more impacted areas are less affected by the sand position. Be careful along with your switching speed, because monsters always appear near to you once you work.

3. Incubator

Currently available forms of incubators include Blacksmith's incubator (killing 2000 monsters), Diviner's incubator (killing 500 monsters), Harbinger's incubator (killing 5000 monsters) and Ornate Incubator (killing 1000 monsters). When killing the desired number of enemies, you are able to get rewards through the incubator, plus much more often they're able to only be utilized to guarantee a selected drop.

In order to defeat the 5 legions, you need to choose the right incubator to enable you to track the variety of enemies you kill and still provide specific feedback over a piece of equipment. Again, the incubator kills are shared with the party.

4. New Divination Card

The message we received was that in the Path Of Exile: 14 new divination cards were included in the Legion. So far only nine cards are already opened towards the public. They are burning blood, an echo of love, Imperial heritage, Archmage's Right hand, fool, vanity, dark dreams, seductive bounty, and buried treasures.

Collect new divination cards whenever possible. Although for no reason know the details in the characters, it is obvious that you will get huge rewards or break the bank.

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When Wilson brought up the period inside the history of the Path of Exile, Wells could still hear the exhaustion. His life feels similar to RTS - how could he spend his limited resources to avoid wasting Grinding Gear HQ from being overwhelmed? If the team isn If the support will not respond to the consumer ticket will enough. If the support will not respond to POE Trade Currency the consumer ticket fast enough, or if the team will not resolve the town disaster, The gamer will leave.

"Trying to eliminate all problems immediately with limited resources nevertheless sleeping within eight hours in our inability to fix them? This is an interesting physiological challenge," Wilson said.

Eventually, the enemies of Grinding Gear use a name: desync. When the studio established the Path of Exile, it has experienced a predictive network model. Whenever you attack an enemy or move a product or service, the overall game checks together with the mmoah server At the same time, your laptop assumes that this check did - letting you crack and cut, such as you are going for a single player game without lag. This step was especially important inside the early days of the experience When the server was behind the expectations of Grinding Gear, allowing the check to decelerate.

When your personal computer has problems with all the server seeing against each other of sync with reality - you can not believe a specific item on the display. In particular, advanced players tend to be out of sync since they jeopardize their characters whenever they zip back And forth for the screen.


- patch notes to your new league

Even before the launch on the new league in Path of Exile you may take a look at the detailed changes for the action RPG by GGG. We present you the highlights with the patch notes.

After players weren't really happy with the Complex Synthesis League in POE Currency Legion is currently turning to simpler mechanics: In the Path of Exile areas from the League, we encounter obelisks caught in eternal combat for people Reveal legions. We can then "free" them within the desired amount and defeat them.
When the New League Starts: You can create and begin a new character for Legion from 7 June at 10 pm.

Path of Exile turns into a feast for melee with Legion

Especially great focus has placed the developers with Legion within the melee. The neglected form of play should experience a revival to POE Currency Buy make much more fun again. Melee attacks now always hit multiple enemies, the plethora of many melee skills is greater and it is possible to abort animations. Overall, all melee elements experienced a buff. Especially the cyclone-like melee skill Cyclone is now offering an immense range and is particularly considered a channeling ability, so you are able to use corresponding support gems.


Path of Exile: Legion is going to be released today at 10 pm on PC. The big expansion to the free-to-play action role-playing game completely overhauls the melee system and introduces the Legion Challenge League, which requires the souls of five famous generals along with POE Currency their legions/armies from your past of Path of Exile caught in the timeless conflict. These generals and armies may be challenged by the players. Path of Exile: Legion / Version 3.7.0 is going to be released on June 10 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How to start out the events together with the Legion and what rewards with splinters, incubation items, and jewels, search for here. More information around the revised POE Currency Buy melee system plus the improvements for the bosses battles may be found here.

In addition, you will discover new build archetypes: "The new Gladiator archetype can switch involving the Blood as well as the Sand stance, dynamically adjusting the way in which new and already available skills work, and also the new Berserker archetype with redesigned Noise mechanics advantages from new abilities Those who create and consume intoxication, these powerful archetypes, together with their new abilities, provide additional opportunities for a lot of other Path of Exile builds. "


On June 10th, the military expansion for game consoles was released on the PC today.

Grinding Gear Games has released the Legion expansion in the Path of Exile.

The latest extension in their free-action POE Currency RPG has become available for Windows PCs and will be readily available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 10. As mentioned above, you can see the new trailer for the expansion.

This can be an overview of the extension:

In the realm of eternal conflicts for centuries, Wraeclast's strongest military leader has become fighting the eternal war. In the Path of Exile: inside Legion, you'll release their legions and fight the crooks to gain valuable rewards.

In addition, inside the latest expansion, Grinding Gear Games has established a new melee combat experience. Now all melee attacks POE Currency Buy hit multiple enemies, all mobile skills have become instant, as well as categories add extra movement and dodge skills.

The Legion also introduced newer and more effective character types: Blood and Sand Gladiator and Berserker. Blood and sand gladiators can switch between bloody and sandy poses - the blood deals massive problems for multiple enemies while doing so, and sand provides a better defense with the character. New mad mad warriors introduce skills that generate or consume anger through certain attacks, increasing movement speed and attack power.

main feature:

Free download and play, but never pay to win
a dark and deep action RPG
Unlimited character combinations and huge skill trees with the game
Combine skill gems to produce unique combat strategies
Explore the dark and hard world rendered coming from a fixed 3D perspective
Explore randomly generated levels for pretty much-unlimited playback
Making weapons, magic items and in many cases, the ultimate game map becomes all the more powerful
Collaborate or contend with thousands of other exiles in the lasting online world
Upgrade online ladders in each game mode


The Path Of Exile just given up on the version 3.7.0 update, the Legion, that's liable to bring some interesting new changes and challenges. In addition towards the new Challenge Alliance, the overhaul on the much-anticipated melee system carries a series of game changes and improvements.

Of course, the highlight from the update would be the introduction of your new challenge alliance which consists of own unique game implementation. The Legion Challenge POE Currency Alliance introduced a grotesque but powerful boulder for your game, that was randomly generated as players explored the overall game map. Touching these boulders will advise you the ghosts in the ancient army, giving players the chance to fight with these, releasing their tortured souls and receiving a good return. One of the rewards is completely new to the Legion Challenge Alliance: Fragments, fragments of those mysterious boulders that players will use later to go in the eternal conflict zone.

Another major change is without question the most important difference in the update (as it affects all players, not merely the league players), it is just a melee reform. For a while, the developer Grinding Gear Games may be experimenting with various systems POE Currency Buy in exile - for example, magic-based battles - and possesses recently turned its focus to melee fighting in games. The highlights of melee overhaul are going to be related to numbers and AoE, which will probably be provided from the full patch description linked below. However, developers also declared that their aim would be to improve the "feel" of melee fighting.
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The Path Of Exile: Legion also makes some balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. You can read these inside full version 3.7.0 patch instructions.

How does one see the new game mechanics and balance changes introduced within the Legion from the Exiles? Have you ever took part in a new challenge league and met a mysterious boulder? What will you want to see inside the upcoming update - better rewards, more difficult content? Please let us know inside the comments section below!

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