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Standing under the starry sky, looking at it, I remembered the ancients' life for the moon. The neon lights in the distance seemed eye-catching, but didn't the ancients have no lights? Maybe their night is to enjoy the moon and drink, "to knock on the chessman and drop the lantern" leisurely, "to see the moon should shed tears" bitterness ... Think of this, the ancient poems in the book are no longer rigid square characters, caress in the moon Next, I whispered softly: "When does the moon come, ask the wine about the sky" "Under the sky flying mirror, Yunsheng Jiehailou did not know a few words, opened his palm, it seems that the moon has quietly grasped the palm of his hand. In the stillness, the moonlight had leaked from the fingers. Suddenly, I realized that the classical guitar that hadn't been moved for a long time was lifted from the stand, and the wires on the nylon strings seemed to be moving in the moonlight. As soon as my heart moved, a "Moonlight Song" poured out from my fingertips. At this moment, I no longer looked at the moon in the sky and closed my eyes. That touch of white, that round of jade plate ripples in my heart. I am not satisfied to hold it in the palm of my hand, it seems that the movement played in my heart can express my emotion at this time. Play the effects of three ensembles while your thoughts flow! At that time, I was thrilled to cry, and the starry sky seemed to be trembling for my ecstasy. The neon lights in the distance seemed to be dim, and my heart could no longer be shaken. At this moment, what I want to do most is how much I want to go to the moon. Because I have never noticed that the moon is so close to me. From companionship to the palm of the hand, so that in the end it sprang up and played from the heart Newport 100S. Jiao Jiao Mingyue just rises from his heart, and no longer has each other's soul. He teaches the years to be quiet and stable in this world, and to think of oneself and his own life. So I lay in a flat boat alone in the waves. Sincerely wanted to park at the harbour and watch the Twilight Twilight Marlboro Gold, when the bright sun broke out, Yun Yu was dazzled and gently accepted by my boat. Each light in the bathroom's Yuba is like a little moon, pouring a sip of hot water on the face, seeping into the corner of the mouth, like drinking a moonlight Wholesale Cigarettes. Head down, the shadow was like a black flame of life. I shook my hair to make it jump more happily, and suddenly thought of a smiling fairy tale: Tomato, carrot, sweet potato did not believe that there are pumpkins in this world, they think it This kind of fantasies-pumpkins do not speak, silently growing, they can't dream, they must use actual actions to prove that they can also go to the moon to see. Of course, from now on, you must start working hard and use science to create this miracle!
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