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TBILISI [url=]Retro 11 Platinum Sail[/url] , May 6 (Xinhua) -- Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili on Wednesday sent the new composition of the government to the parliament for approval after days of delay, local media reported.

The composition includes three new ministers -- Tina Khidasheli, Tariel Khechikashvili and Gigla Abulashvili among the 20-member cabinet, according to Interpressnews.

"My main motivation was to hold consultations in a peaceful environment and I am pleased that we have achieved this," Margvelashvili said after the submission, referring to the reason why he postponed his submission to the parliament.

Georgia's government faces a second confidence vote as the resignation of seven ministers in succession triggered a constitutional clause under which a confidence vote is needed if more than one-third of the government is replaced. The government last won a confidence vote in July 2014.

According to the constitution, the ruling Georgian Dream coalition, which forms the majority in the parliament, will have to name a candidate for prime minister. The candidate will have to name new cabinet members and submit the lineup to the president, through whom it will be sent to the parliament for a confidence vote within the next seven days.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili sent the list of new government members to President Margvelashvili on May 1, local media reported. However, the president postponed the submission to the parliament, citing the list should be made in a peaceful and calm way.

Under the Georgian constitution, the vote of confidence from the parliament is expected on Friday.

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Posted by johnybfre on July 8th, 2014

Large paint mixers, rotors, stators, stirrers, agitators, mixing vessels and many other industrial products of this kind are essential for any producer of chemical substances, cosmetics and even food. In order to obtain high-quality products, you need high-quality machines that best suit your business.

Whether you are just starting a business in the cosmetic industry or in any other field that requires industrial mixers or whether you want to improve the results of the work you have been doing for years now, you should always pick very carefully the provider with whom you are going to collaborate. No matter how good are the raw materials you are using and how great the recipes you are following are, you are not going to obtain the expected results if you do not work with professionally designed, efficient machines. So take your time before deciding with which paint mixers supplier you are going to sign a long-term contract. Here are a couple of aspects to which you should pay attention before deciding with whom you are going to collaborate on the long-run if you want to be satisfied and lead a successful business yourself.

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