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HGV Industry Seeks Youthful Demographic of Workers Business Articles | July 31 [url=]Penn State Nittany Lions Jersey[/url] , 2015

Haulage companies are seeing brisk demand for workers, but concerns are that the industry is not being marketed enough to a younger audience.

A report coming from the Westminster Parliamentary group (in May 2015) shows that the average age of a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver hovers around the 50s – a statistic that presents both a threat and an opportunity for haulage companies.

Lack of Awareness

The chairman of the Westminster Parliamentary Group on Transport, Rob Flello, stated in an interview with the Scotland Herald that a lack of simple awareness is holding back the heavy haulage industry from meeting burgeoning demand. He made the point that unless young people have a parent who works in the sector, it is one they probably never come across in their career guidance. This is despite the HGV industry being worth around £40 billion in the United Kingdom [url=]Royce Freeman Jersey[/url] , and allows drivers working for HGV haulage companies to earn anywhere between £25,000 and £55,000 a year.

Focus on Training and Education

The director for Scotland’s Road Haulage Association has been vocal about calling for financial assistance, targeting young drivers seeking to obtain an HGV license. He stresses that 12 per cent of all jobs in Britain are in the transport and logistics sector, so it is a sector that is absolutely central to the UK economy.

Another major concern authorities point out is how many established hauliers are reluctant to hire young drivers under the age of 25. This is in great part due to the fear of increased excess fees that insurance companies slap upon young drivers - using their inexperience as justification for doing so. The RHA is trying to work out a deal with insurance companies to come up with a toolkit that members can utilise in order to reduce the perceived risks that come with hiring younger drivers.

Haulage Exchanges as a Catalyst

The narrow profit margins of the haulage industry [url=]Vernon Adams Jr. Jersey[/url] , the time-sensitive nature of jobs, the technical nature of an HGV driver’s duties, the steep investment in capable hardware, and being responsible for valuable heavy cargo means that haulage companies need to have qualified drivers available on short notice.

The problem, however [url=]Charles Nelson Jersey[/url] , is striking a balance between finding enough qualified HGV drivers to handle surges in demand and preventing a deep pool of HGV drivers from being idle for long periods of time. Too few drivers, and opportunities will be squandered. Too many drivers, and costs will start to outpace profits. This is where dedicated freight and haulage exchanges come into the picture.

These exchanges connect clients from all over the UK with hauliers, and are a great resource for supplementing business when local demand is low. An online exchange is a particularly useful tool for keeping business brisk and finding backloads, as companies invest in skilled manpower to address the burst in demand that typically comes during the holiday season.

These exchanges can also serve as an attractive marketing tool for the industry. By highlighting the demand for drivers [url=]Kenjon Barner Jersey[/url] , haulage companies can promote the potential of the industry to the youth – raising awareness and subsequently injecting the labour pool with fresh interest.

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