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xuezhiqian123 Jan 17

This Lemon Mobile phone is an entry level triple SIM phone that supports 2 GSM SIM’s and 1 CDMA UIM SIM. This is a good feature as a lot of people use more than one phone- one for personal use and one for business purpose. The first impression that we get of the phone is that though made of plastic [url=http://www.columbusbluejacketsteamstore.com/...as-riley-nash-jersey]Riley Nash Jersey[/url] , it is well constructed and solidly built. However , for an entry level phone , it is quite thick and large. A reason for this could be that it incorporates a bigger capacity battery rated at 1500mAh, which is definitely required for maintaining the signal for 3 SIM’s.


The well and solid build of the phone , contradicts its price and entry level status. The body has an appealing dark grey and silver colour. The keys in the phone provide a pleasant contrast  [url=http://www.columbusbluejacketsteamstore.com/...ustav-nyquist-jersey]Gustav Nyquist Jersey[/url] , with the pink metallic finish on the centre button of the joypad and on the music and browser shortcut button and the silver finish on the remaining buttons. The two inch display looks small in comparison to the body but not when in use.

The keypad is cheap , with loose keys that move around a bit when pressed. The keypad spacing and bevelling is decent , but keys are not concrete and don’t deliver good feedback resulting in inaccurate typing. The four way joypad also feels tacky and delivers negligible feedback. Only the call accept and call disconnect buttons feel solid and spontaneous.

The menu layout is simple and straightforward with basic functionality and intuitiveness, which is expected in such phones. Its good that Lemon did not try to change it. Also ,there are 3 inbulit games in this phone.

It has a flashlight on top of the phone  [url=http://www.columbusbluejacketsteamstore.com/...-cam-atkinson-jersey]Cam Atkinson Jersey[/url] , although it is used only as a torch and not as a camera flash. The torch is not very bright and is useful only in odd emergencies. An irritant here is that you cannot operate the flashlight unless the keypad is unlocked. Also , to perform a simple function like disconnecting a call , you are required to switch on the screen first and then press the call disconnect button not once but twice.

The lack of internal memory is definitely felt as it was not possible to copy even a 5MP Mp3 file onto this phone.

A good thing about this phone is that , even when you are on a GSM network you can still receive calls on the CDMA network ,which will show as call waiting. But  [url=http://www.columbusbluejacketsteamstore.com/...nder-wennberg-jersey]Alexander Wennberg Jersey[/url] , while on the first GSM SIM , the second GSM SIM is not active(not reachable) .Also , while sending an SMS you can choose from among the three numbers.


In the call tests , the performance of GSM phone in terms of signal reception and call clarity was slightly better than the CDMA performance. In the CDMA network ,we got three disconnected calls whereas in the GSM network there was only one disconnected call and voice on both the sides was more audible. In zone two  [url=http://www.columbusbluejacketsteamstore.com/...zach-werenski-jersey]Zach Werenski Jersey[/url] , there were voice clarity and voice audibility issues. There were no issues in Zone one with GSM as well as CDMA networks. Although , the testing proved to be tough because the signal strength of two service providers is never same at a geographical location.

The headset music quality was mediocre- the treble was slightly sharp and the bass was deeply lacking. The lousdpeaker though not very clear was very loud – loud enough to hear an incoming call even when you had your helmet on. Calls on the loudspeaker were at par with the handsfree unit and were loud and clear.

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