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"If you blow it in Fortnite, you can get ripped by everyone and nobody feels bad about buy fortnite items ps4."

There is a generational gap, of course. Fortnite might be the go-to outlet for student-athletes.

"I call a high school kid and ask,'You play with that Fort Hill?' "It bothers me that people are that into it. But that is the generation we are in. They would rather do that than work."

Coaches may not mention Fortnite by name, if they understand this, nor even single out video games as a habit to necessarily avoid -- even though those who talked to USA TODAY were not able to wrap their head around the game's mushrooming recognition.

"Video games are taking over the planet," said Maryland coach D.J. Durkin. "What happened to being outside? You ought to only go outside and playwith. These days are all gone. I'm attempting to bring back them together with my own guys."

"I had rather they are playing video games than doing other things," Durkin said.

In the realm of Fortnite there aren't that many items that have a truly unique function. There are of course multiple damage dealing weapons, most of which have a few variations, many techniques to heal and add shields and the 3 kinds of building materials. But now the Port-a-Fort is the sole item that will build you a construction pretty much more here.

On paper that seems extremely helpful, and sometimes it can be, but more times than not we find them being used to annoy squadmates rather than for any strategic reason. With one Port-a-Fort taking up an whole stock slot this is pretty easy to justify, but even so that the possibilities provided by this huge fort you'll have within a second frequently outweigh the price. We have spent hours playing around with all the Port-a-Fort trying to find the best method to use it, and that's what we have learnt.


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