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1. 7% possibility to double harvested memories, granting twice the XP and divine energy    2. 7% possible opportunity to double chronicle fragments or elder chronicles    3. 5% potential for 5x the action when harvesting wisps    4. Three teleports on a daily basis to Buy RuneScape Gold any wisp colony, given that level and quest requirements are met    5. Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer. If The World Wakes is finished, including Guthix’s Cave    6. Grants the XP boost with the diviner’s outfit, for every single corresponding piece owned   

  Master Camouflage Outfit    1. 7% possibility to pickpocket twice    2. 7% possible opportunity to avoid stunning when caught pickpocketing    3. 7% opportunity to avoid snake bites in Pyramid Plunder    4. Allows auto-pickpocketing as much as 10 times consecutively    5.. Increased potential for finding Black Ibis clothing and also the Sceptre in the Gods in Pyramid Plunder    6. Increases potential for finding Seren symbol pieces    7. Imparts the benefits with the Gloves of OSRS Gold Silence, the Trahaearn exoskeleton, along with the XP effects with the Black Ibis outfit, if owned  Warped Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit    1. 7% XP boost to all or any skills while Dungeoneering    2. 7% XP boost for floor completion    3. 7% lower depletion rate on skilling spots    4. 7% combat damage boost while Dungeoneering    5. 7% discount on rewards shop and floor prestige    6. +3 level boost to all or any stats while Dungeoneering    7. Greater spawn rate of rare Slayer mobs while Rungeoneering    8. No slipping on icy floors    9. May skip one puzzle room per party per floor    10. 20% possible opportunity to not waste a lock melter    11. +3 daily sinkhole teleports    12. +10% XP from Sinkhole dungeoneering lamps


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