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And players that are just too addicted to damage and think they HAVE to solo. Some of them have at.1 cappion personality. Those who claim to achieve cap damage . Around USD and PP monies, they only sell for real money (that is a VERY small portion of rs gold 2007, enough I dont know any of them, but they MAY exist) and occurs to market their own equips because They Wish to leave game for good and therefore are dishonnest to steal money from the company (I said rather:P)

Paying players: *Players that occasionnally buy NX money with real money and playing nearer to non-paying players manners. The majority of the timethey cover decorative. Or maybe Gach and more! Players that are dedicated to make achievement quicker and like damage but not too addicted and respect ToS will buy more of Gach and cubes along with a few cosmetic.

Players that are more hooked on best weapons to have in osrs and who respect ToS will buy more cubes, occasionnal Gachapon and some cosmetic or nearly none for sure, this signifies a VERY small number of gamers who cap damage. And lastly, players who are so addicted to damage and occasionally feel like Nexon scams them with cubes gramble and much more motives.

It happens for them to occasionally buy/sell NX from/to other paying players exactly the same kind as well as non-paying players of last kind to get more mesos, buying godly equips with real money mainly from quitting players of any kind, then Paypal and even buying meso from meso site if they see they could get more mesos by spending actual money if they look at NX:meso rate in-game.

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