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In 2013, Buy OSRS gold reached a 2 million account milestone. The game naturally evolved since its initial release -- with significant updates in 2004 and 2013 -- players were still enthralled by retro sensibilities: a survey of 160,000 fans caused the recovery of hosts that were old, and this leaves Jagex's announcement even more bittersweet.

The good news -- because there is always a bright side to everything -- is that RuneScape Classic servers are still online at this time, and Gielindor's doors will remain open for another 3 months.

The studio has been working together with 3 organizations on a local, national, and global level to attempt to influence change and rs accounts for sale support young people struggling with mental health.

"Our enthusiastic and ample RuneScape community also has helped raise thousands of pounds for some extraordinary causes over the last few decades," explained Jagex CEO, Phil Mansell.

"By focusing on supporting the psychological health and wellbeing of young people by cooperating with these three charities, we hope they will once more come together and help people receive the backing they have to deal with the turbulence of the planet these days.


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