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Mod Teezkut is a great example cheap RuneScape gold of this. From a hobbyist, Teezkut has proceeded on to play within the Jagex team in Chinajoy, China's largest game series, and also landed a job with Jagex. It is not something that was planned.Teezkut:"When I first won a Golden Gnome I had been really excited to receive this, and from the second and third time that I do not understand why they keep giving me these. It's a huge honor. Cosplay has helped me travel overseas, and to China with Jagex. It's given me some experiences. It is just overwhelming."


However, any cosplayer will tell you that it's about the community, and Jagex has taken steps to foster the Runescape Cosplay community. Together with the stage series, panels gave out excellent advice on everything from glue gun tips to how to style cloaks. If you were not there in person you are able to find the Runescape Cosplay page on Facebook. Before we conducted off, we managed to get a couple pictures for you , and asked Teezkut exactly what cosplay means .


It means I will spend a day in a different character. While I put in my outfit I get to occupy another persona and be them to get the day entirely."If you are interested in earning money and building you skills at the same time then you're in the right place But it should be noted that there are several different abilities that can be mastered to assist as you potentially earn more money and all together only begin hoarding gold


We will look at battle. As you start to OSRS Gold participate in battle with otherworldly creatures, you are going to really be lucky as the dropped will leave behind many interesting items. Among those you are going to get runes, gold coins, fresh armour and even crafting items, these should always be collected for instant use during a tight situation.  thing to notice, don't be like other noobs and leave behind dropped runes since these are rather valuable to any player in the future.

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