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Personally, I'm all for these WoW Classic expansions being connected to live. WoW Classic gets the best explanation for wow classic gold this to happen via the Caverns of Time. Just have a proven gate area where stepping through a single portal in BfA puts you to WoW Classic style (or vis versa), starting your personality over from lv 1, disabling anything in collections which wasn't readily available for that specific expac, and then you may come and go as you please.

I know it'd piss ye old diehard Vanilla-ists off if items transferred from WoW Classic to BfA, BUT, there are huge swaths of present content gamers that never played Vanilla and missed out on items which are literally no more accessible to buy (the a variety of B model race mounts, black Q tank, etc) that many reside players will really like to have in their collections...I feel that are a sweet enough hook to sway anyone that wasn't interested in performing WoW Classic only for"nostalgia".

I enjoyed and played that a human mage back in buy wow classic gold 2005, but I think I'll play a druid this time around. They start out slow but become powerful in leveling speed after getting cat form. In addition, I don't mind healing. The issue is that my previous guild wants to play with Horde for WoW Classic, which makes me want to play an orc shaman or a troll mage (Forsaken are not my cup of java ) above a tauren druid. ? Not sure!

I intend to play with friends and family so that it depends on what everyone picks, I know it will be grinning for sure rather than rogue, my shirt right today is warlock or priest! I can log in, make something and play somewhat. If it turns out to be like an Everquest progression server, I'm pulling the plug in with the understanding the paid is a failed experiment.


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