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I've played with a Protection Paladin because I joined World of Warcraft 2 months later Burning Crusade first came out. I'd miss Vanilla WoW's greatest by a year, however I loved the wow classic gold Protection Paladins all of the way up till Blizzard savagely raped them when Legion came out, and effectively simply ruined them in BfA.

And I understand that R-word is very deep, and causes a lot of eye twitches, however you must admit, they simply ruined the Protection Paladins (I want my Crusader Strike back it, at least give me that... sniffle I miss out Exorcism too).Content creator's have every right; most of them do this as a dwelling. If it came to seeing a few ads on a video from a founder I like, or watch no videos because they don't have sufficient funds to devote the amount of time that it takes to assemble this superb video, I would gladly take the ads. And as Dylan said, something like this takes A LOT of work and MadSeason deserves whatever service we can give, even when he does not bring it up in his movies.

My god, the class is completely dull to buy wow classic gold play. Perhaps Consecration if you spec into it, forcing you to play a Healer should you want to do PvE content. God speed to whoever levels a paladin, since I really cannot be requested to auto-attack and judge for a month.

I seriously can not wait for it to release but I am loving these vids to bits! You truly embody the fantasy feeling of mystery and wonder only found when I was a kid wanting to play WoW but could not because of parents and things.


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