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Before coming back to wow classic gold
 I have been playing with my first MMORPG. It's a retro. It's all about grinding creatures with few viable hunting spots (as we call them in that game) appopriate for X levels. You need to compete with people for those spots and you may never really relax while enjoying because you never know if somebody might come and kill you for lulz or merely grief you. 

Dying because game really makes you eliminate a fantastic amount of money and/or expertise, especially if you're a fresh player.Besides WoW Classic getting boring after playing it 13 years I've grown up and don't have much time anymore. I do not need to elysium project nethergarde gold

 compete with assholes that are random, when I want to play and unwind. That's why I quit this game.

I think people nowadays actually choose to simply skip interacting with people.Using WoW Classic I mentioned for instance: even nowadays it is still based on human interaction, it does not have any kind of LFR and such. 

You need to talk to people if you would like to search in a group since you receive an adventure boost and it's actually better searching in a group. This being said, people still largely choose to play.


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