I don't think that it would be wow classic gold von yuandanzous Blog

 I don't think that it would be wow classic gold that much of a problem. Adding it would be good. I had my friends end up with the loot I had been supposed to have instances and roll accident I can recall but not a 4 group rolling through. If the servers are standalone rather than crossed, you would recall these people and word spreads fast if it's done a whole lot.

I'm very curious to learn how many raiding groups there will be. Not only has the core audience becoming older, (and likely have more responsibilities such as rent/mortgages, spouses, children, jobs, house projects, etc.) but video games, generally speaking, have evolved also.

 My biggest fear is that we get in wow private server gold and realize how dated these previous methods really are, is it fun? Raiding took hours then there is the groundwork. The mechanics being older and with time being short people are likely to do it? 40 people seems like a number by the standards of today.

 The one saving grace to making this okay, if my fear is true that is, is getting your friends back together. I can not imagine doing without having them around, exactly what I did back. The folks are I played with for so long.


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