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An impressive Aaron Rodgers is on the sidelines, and the NFL season opener between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers last week was quite ordinary. Although there are many places to watch for defensive games, the reason we participate in football every Sunday is to watch a big game - this is the new Superstar KO mode of Madden NFL 20.

While it retains the simulation gameplay of the core game, EA Sports' experimental mode is guiding the NFL Blitz in the best possible way. This online mode allows you to choose a coach, from a current idol like Odell Beckham Jr to a celebrity client like DJ Khaled, and see you drafting some superstar players for your team. But as an ordinary player, without professional and superb technology, you may need the help of Madden NFL 20 Coins.

From there, you will compete against your opponent online, where you can have a drive. The goal is to score a touchdown from the 25-yard line. The coach you choose will determine the drama you can use; for example, Los Angeles Rams owner Sean McVay is in the offensive frenzy. To win the game, you will steal a player from your opponent's team.

The idea is to keep your winning streak so dynamic that you can fill your list with the best players in the sport. Superstars are as capable as they are in the core game, so if you make enough passes with Patrick 'M'Homiea's Mahomes, you will increase his arm strength. If you score a draw after each drive, then you will enter a scene where three people are suddenly dead, and you can compete for the number of yards.

All of this is to make American football faster because it is not always possible to sit for an hour for a full three-quarter race. We have seen similar progress in MLB The Show 19, with its March-November model ending; even the super-popular FIFA 20 will involve, with its more arcade-style street football spin-off Volta.

If you meet specific criteria, you can Buy Madden 20 Coins and rewards, and offer a rare Madden Ultimate Team card. This model is not yet fully enriched - it's almost like how EA Sports intends to see it before it first promises it - but we like the idea of ​​this fast-paced transfer. If nothing else, it's a good thing to see something new in a series that often criticized as still.


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