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The father appealed the decision and while the appeal was pending, he filed a police report regarding the alleged forgery. This resulted in the Lapeer County Sheriff Department issuing a warrant for the mother arrest as a third habitual offender based on two prior felony convictions. The father then refiled his motion to change custody and the divorce court held a hearing on this motion. It denied his motion to change custody without analyzing the best interests of the children because the father failed to prove good cause or a change of circumstances sufficient to revisit custody. The court determined that to show a change of circumstances, the party must prove that conditions surrounding custody of the child which have or could have a significant effect on the child well-being have materially changed Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Not just any change will do. A material change must be something other than the normal life changes that accompany a child growth and development. There must be at least some evidence that the material changes have had or will almost certainly have an effect on the child. Proper cause means that one or more grounds exist that have or could have a significant effect on the child life to the extent that a reevaluation of the child custodial situation should be undertaken. The party seeking the modification must establish the existence of one or more appropriate grounds for legal action Cigarettes Online USA. The grounds should be relevant to the best interest factors and must be of such magnitude to have a significant effect on the child well-being.


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