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Within three weeks of the NFL season, many players have been very worried about the performance of the players, but many of the players in the league are still in a state of constant change, almost unpredictable. Who played so well that EA needs to determine its rating in the next roster update? Considering the quality of the game on Sunday, some people need to lower (Melvin Gordon), and some people do need to make major adjustments. Who are they? It is also worth who you spend Madden NFL 20 coins to unlock them and get a surprise. is available for your reference.

Shaquil Barrett, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (79 OVR)

Barrett is a free agent who has not been drafted before and has reached a new career-high, his skill moves (81) and power moves (64) should be improved in the next update.

John Ross, Cincinnati Bengals (76 OVR)
Ross has been disappointing to Bangladeshi so far, but in 2019, he has set a career-high with 292 yards. His mid-road performance (75) and traffic flow (75) and his release (71) need to be improved.

Jamie Collins, New England Patriots (74 OVR)
Collins has spread throughout the defensive front and has consistently performed well in previous games. He has two interceptions, including one passing touchdown and three passing deflections. He already has 2.5 sacks, 5 TFLs and 19 tackles.

Terry McLaurin, Washington Redskins (73 OVR)
Rookie Terry McLaurin. In Madden, he is only a mid-level player, but on the court he has always been a beacon of hope. He needs to be promoted on each running route (77 short, 75, 74 deep) and released at least (74)

Daniel Jones, New York Giants (68 OVR)
Jones entered the starting role earlier than expected, and with some precise passing and improvisation, led the Giants to beat Tampa Bay with an amazing advantage.

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