World Of Warcraft Classic 10.15 Update Dire Maul Dungeon von Cadencealidas Blog

World Of Warcraft Classic will be updated, Blizzard has confirmed the specific update content.

Blizzard confirmed that on October 15th, the "Dire Maul" dungeon will be added to the game. This news makes all the Warcraft fans feel excited. According to past practice, this dungeon will be included in the second. The update of the stage was updated along with the update of the second phase of Warcraft, but this time Blizzard split it apart, first added him to the game, injected some new ones for users who experienced nostalgia, Let them experience different fun better.

Dire Maul is a carefully crafted World of Warcraft dungeon that is divided into wings (similar to the structure of the classic Scarlett Abbey instance of World of Warcraft). In this newly added dungeon, players can experience more freedom. The running skills allow players to leap over large areas through certain mechanisms, and the new and stunning PVP area will allow players of the same faction to fight together to get some rare equipment in the Doomsday Dungeon. It also means within the player's level limit, they can get better loot in this dungeon, This is a deadly attraction for players, Buy WoW Classic Gold in the GameMS and you will be powerful in the new dungeon. The rest of the second phase will be released later this year, but this release of Blizzard's breaking convention also heralds a new trend. Blizzard has always insisted on a fixed content update rhythm, but now they Willing to make some different attempts, this is good news for the players.

To become a fan of World Of Warcraft Classic, it is an exciting experience. After a series of setbacks, with the resurgence of WoW Classic, Blizzard is gradually improving. For more information about World Of Warcraft Classic, please visit GameMS, Get Cheap Vanilla WOW Gold.


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