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World Of Warcraft map-Azeroth Greensleeves

   Azeroth is the map in the game World of Warcraft. It is the name of a small planet in the boundless darkness of the Titans. The only continent in the world was named the Kalimdor by the Titans - "The Land of the Stars of Yongshuo".

Although the world is much smaller than other worlds, he has twice resisted the invasion of the Burning Legion army and successfully resolved several disasters that have passed away, making him an important planet in the universe. Here, the earliest dark trolls, zergs and other civilizations are all over the world, and the stories of World of Warcraft and Warcraft are being launched one after another.

The soul of Azeroth is still asleep, but once awakened, it will be far stronger than the Titans of the Pantheon.


Tree of the world

Alekstad, the king of life, put an oak fruit in Illidan's second Well of Eternity, made in Mount Hyjal. The fruit sprouted into a huge tree. The strong roots of the tree caught the well water, and the leaves seemed to cover the whole sky. The king of time, Nozdormu, the king of life, Alexstrasza, and the king of dreams, Ysera, blessed this tree. The tree, the night elf, will live forever. This tree has also become a symbol of the night elves and the world forever, and the energy it emits treats every scar in the world. It is a symbol of harmony. And most of the players in the game are injured and will go there to heal. If you use World of Warcraft Classic Gold to buy healing remedies, the injury will recover faster.

Stormwind City

Stormwind City, the capital of the Storm Kingdom, is the center of the Azeroth Alliance camp. This majestic human city was devastated in three orc wars and cataclysses. Despite being a human city, Stormwind also provided a home for the respectable dwarves and the few elves. It allows members of the Alliance to conduct trade activities within limits. The taxes paid by the merchants filled the city's vault.

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This is the main city built by the orcs in Durotar after the arrival of peace. It is the center of the tribal camp. The former chieftain, Sal, named the city of Shamanism with the name of Orgrim Doomhammer, but The current chieftain, Garrosh Hellscream, turned it into a steel fortress. Use WOW Classic Boosting to help you quickly overcome difficult enemies in your game, quickly defeat powerful enemies and quickly increase your game level.


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