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Speaking of the new update for Path of Exile, the War for Atlas, it includes 10 new skill gems, 50 new unique items, and the Abyss Leagues, which will grant eligible participants league-exclusive gear. On December 8, the War for Atlas supplement for the PC version of the action/RPG Path of Exile was released. In the War for Atlas, six languages will be available to you: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. We are your the best heper that knowing the latest news, click here in time. 

Some content that comes in the form of a new campaign that expands the Path of Exile proposal. With War of the Atlas new quests that belong to new adventures will be made available. These will include up to 32 new maps, with new bosses and enemies, 48 new items, rare weapons, which can be obtained as rewards upon completing these missions. If you are a fan of games like Diablo, it is one of the games that you should not leave aside. 

Path Of Exile should be a fairly familiar title. Path of Exile may be daunting for new players, but pay to win, it certainly is not. Choosing from a cast of 6 different plays on the standard RPG character tropes – templar, marauder, shadow, witch, duelist and ranger can be substituted for your standard barbarian, rogue, wizard and so on. Your character finds themselves stranded almost naked on a beach, with little more than your wits and a rusty blade to defend yourself with. 

The characters are well rendered and the game does run happily at 1080p and 60ps, with this apparently being upgraded with the arrival of the Xbox One X. Graphically, the game is nothing to write home about. A lot of dark colours with a large amount of gore is something you’ll have to get used to here. In terms of other aspects, this game was also made many changes and tweaks. We belive deep down that you are now lacking of PoE currency buy


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