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The strength you need comes from being attentive to the answers from the questions you ask. The old school of sales also concentrated on closing new business, rather than on nurturing existing business so that they would provide greater sources of revenue. That's why many industries, including the telecommunication industry, are suffering from the "churn" syndrome: a constant influx of new customers, while existing customers are heading in another direction. Here, customer is loyal only until a better offer comes along. Imagine what could happen if you created your own "positive churn effect" by luring away your competitor's customers? Not by lowering your prices or providing monetary incentives, but by acting as the invaluable resource they've always needed? Your existing customers will be likely to stay put, because the relationship they have with you - a trusted professional ally -- will be so important that they won't want to give it up. Your business in this case will only become susceptible to competitive pressures when your competition offers a better overall relationship than you offer. By relentlessly monitoring your customers' needs and wants, you will be able to then make the appropriate modifications to your service offering, and stay ahead of your competition Cheap Cigarettes Outlet. In the new school of selling, the most effective salespeople are concentrating more on purpose than on task Newport Cigarettes Coupons. They are more interested in what happens on the sales call than in simply carrying out the act of making them Cigarettes Online USA. They concentrate on aligning themselves with their customer's goals and challenges, in order to be perceived as being an invaluable resource -- someone the customer wouldn't switch from unless a better overall relationship emerged Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.


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