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Hey guys, welcome to Maplestory Mesos, are you satisfied with Fantasy Defender now? Do you think there should be some more changes with it? I truly hate the double standard in Fantasy Defender, which has not been fixed yet!

It goes to show that dull Nexon has yet again just taken half of the action of only closing the loophole. Sure perhaps the positions were flashed but people got far more Symbols than they ought to have and none of them were penalized or stripped of their abused rewards. A event in the past Hunters Club with unlimited quests that hasn't made a recurrence also had no punishment.

Yet action was shot onto illegitimate items exceptionally late that should of been done earlier. This had affected the community as a whole due to that time many items had circulated out there hidden as legitimate items.

Action taken needs to be consistent also on an acceptable amount of time. Many gamers have complained about hackers during many years in MapleStory and they've only grown in bigger numbers. Hackers have been reported by players also, but the actions taken are almost non-existent. Botters which have been reported are probably still there. And they always become cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos easily, I really can't endure this, why you will find rich in game, and I'm lack of mesos.

There is also drop rate where the announcement thread for this was locked. Does that imply that the discussion is finished? Actually I believe there has been way too much discussion, and much better transparency towards the game. The fact that some items are overlooked or failed makes the community feel tainted because of the lack of activity that was never taken or too late.

These aren't only maplestory2 mesos words, but fragments from a part of the community occasionally. It's still unacceptable how things are going for MapleStory, which explains the reason I haven't recommended this game to anybody. It has great potential in several locations, but where it is lacking has a giant emptiness. A valid free-to-play core remains being overshadowed by hackers and cheaters constantly abusing the match whether it's real-money-trade, botting, or tapping.

I truly have complicated feelings with MapleStory, I have been playing this game for nearly 9 years, I spend most of my free time on it and hope to play the match with many of my buddies - the real world friends and virtaul world friends, they're all my friends.


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