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elaine95 Mai 24 '19

Going into the draft Bobby Hart Jersey , ESPN still doesn’t have much faith in Cincinnati. Will they be able to prove them wrong?"The Bengals’ 2019 schedule is out, and the NFL draft isn’t far away. That makes this the perfect time for many outlets to check back in on how they currently feel about these teams before they start using draft picks. Mike Clay of ESPN went back and re-examined the over/unders set for each team’s win total, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it wasn’t favorable to the Bengals.The Bengals over/under is set at six wins, and Clay projects the team to have 5.5.When you consider that free agency is likely what influenced most of Clay’s decisions, it isn’t surprising that he didn’t view the Bengals favorably. Cincinnati made more moves earlier than we were use to Deshaun Davis Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , but it still was far from flashy. They added Miller who will start at right guard and be a huge improvement over Alex Redmond, but other than that they really added rotational players and kept their own free agents.Clay mentions that the Bengals’ roster is weak, which aside from some glaring holes at linebacker and offensive tackle I’d whole heartily disagree with. It is obvious that Cincinnati is banking on Zac Taylor being able to come in and do something with this set of players that Marvin Lewis’ staff was unable to. It honestly isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that Taylor’s new offensive system could be the jolt of life this team needs to start contending for the playoffs again. However, it doesn’t change the fact that to an outsider looking in that this is still basically the same roster that has failed to make the playoffs the past three seasons. This feeling could easily shift if the Bengals grab a couple of instant impact players on the first few days of the draft, but based on the roster now Deshaun Davis Jersey 2019 , how much has really changed?It is pretty easy though to see even just giving the Bengals a modern looking offense could do wonders for them. It still comes down to can Andy Dalton get back to his 2015 form? We will have to see how well he does in Taylor’s system, and how well the rest of the offense is utilized.It is frustrating seeing the Bengals viewed so poorly by the national media, but these kinds of rankings are usually based on how flashy a team was during free agency. That is something the Bengals will never win awards for. Still, if Cincinnati wants to make their way back to the playoffs, they need to ht a few home runs in the upcoming draft. Ultimately though Color Rush Deshaun Davis Jersey , winning is the only way to change the perception of this team. The reality is at this moment, this is roughly the same roster that has failed to make it to the playoffs or even achieve a winning record for three straight seasons. The Bengals parted ways with Marvin Lewis after 16 years, but they don’t have a new head coach in place yet.They are set to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor after the Super Bowl and still have other staffing moves to make once they are officially able to move forward with their new coach. That leaves them shorthanded at this week’s Senior Bowl compared to other teams, but director of player personnel Duke Tobin doesn’t believe that’s going to be a problem.“I don鈥檛 know that it will be dramatically different,” Tobin said Ryan Glasgow Jersey , via the . “Most of the stuff is on tape. We go back and look at the tape, that鈥檚 where we get most of our opinion from. You get to see them live, you get to talk to them a little bit and our scouts will handle that just as they always do.聽聽We鈥檒l have a contingent of some coaches down here, but really the opportunity to see them, talk to them in person and the tape work will be the most important thing. There鈥檒l be time to catch up this year.”Special teams coach Darrin Simmons is one of the assistants still on staff and he said the entire group wants “things to be sparked” after three straight losing seasons. Finding a few players who can help the team this week would be a good start to that effort.