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jcy123 Nov 6 '19
Camp Dad launched, not unexpectedly, as a result of standard #daaad-level buffoonery. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys .Last July, tasked with securing a place at summer camp for my then-9-year-old and then-6-year-old, I completely missed a week. Didnt register them. Flat-out forgot.The evening before the camp week was to start, I was frantically surfing through camp option after camp option -- the ones the kids wanted to do were sold out (or way too pricey for our budget).I was consulting at the time and able to take the week off from work (a luxury a lot parents dont have, short of investing their own vacation time). So partly out of desperation, partly out of price-sensitivity, partly out of the creative challenge and partly out of blissful ignorance, I decided at 11 that night to create my own camp -- a weeks worth of fun and creativity, directed by me.The kids would have no idea whats coming -- in large part, neither did I. I gave myself a budget of slightly less than what I would have spent on normal camp for them to cover a week of programming and started making a list of activities wed normally never do.The next morning, I didnt tell them what we were doing or where we were going, but it started with a surprise trip to the bulk-candy store. The kids jaws dropped -- then were stuffed with the kind of absurd candy Id never typically let them have. Camp Dad was so on.I knew regular dad Dan Shanoff could never handle the kind of fun that Camp Dad director Dan Shanoff, so I channeled a muse: Tripper Harrison, Bill Murrays seminal camp-counselor character from Meatballs, the greatest summer-camp movie of all time. If you have never seen the pivotal It... Just... Doesnt... Matter! speech by Murray, this succinctly showcases my inspiration.?*Candy overdose? It just doesnt matter!*Chuck E. Cheese? It just doesnt matter!*Sketchy water park 40 miles away? It just doesnt matter!*Quasi-harrowing parkour lessons? It just doesnt matter!*Abandoning bedtime routines by binge-watching all six Star Wars movies over six nights? It just doesnt matter!There was more -- so much more. Ice skating. Being the only non-family members at the local high school varsity basketball summer league games. Pizza. Ice cream sundaes. Screen time on all of the apps Id never normally let them use. Every day was filled with new adventures. The kids had no idea what was coming but approached every day with a glee like I had never seen before.At the end of the week, both kids said it was the best week of their lives. And if Im being honest with myself -- no offense to the attendees at my wedding or the folks who helped deliver our children -- it was the best week of my life, too.I could attribute their (and my) enthusiasm to the epic lineup of fun activities that I barraged them with -- what parent doesnt want to see their kids having such a great time or get feedback like This was the best week ever, Dad!But as I figure out what kinds of fun activities I am staking out for this summer, I realize it wasnt the mayhem -- it was my mentality.What mattered most was It just doesnt matter.When I fully embraced that idea, all typical parenting pressures evaporated in the July sunshine. I wasnt Dad -- I was Bill Murrays Tripper Harrison. The kids were relaxed. Heck, I was relaxed, despite the overload of activities and sensory inputs. (I even had patience at Chuck E. Cheese -- what bigger testimony could there be?)Im not sure I can live the Camp Dad lifestyle all the time -- it was summer, I took the week off, it was all new for the kids (and me). There were a lot of things that made it unique.But applying even a little It Just Doesnt Matter to my life worked wonders, and I had as much fun as the kids did. We may or may not have another year of Camp Dad this summer, but there is nothing stopping me -- or any of us -- from easing up just enough to make the summer more awesome.Dan Shanoff writes about parenting for espnW. Continue this conversation on Twitter by following him at @danshanoff or by liking espnWs Facebook page. NCAA Jerseys Outlet . -- Gus Malzahn finally had his day in Fayetteville. Cheap Football NCAA Jerseys . Jay Feely kicked a 41-yard field goal in overtime, and the Cardinals edged the Tennessee Titans 37-34 in overtime after blowing a 17-point lead late in the fourth quarter. https://www.chinajerseysncaa.us/ . What general manager Dave Nonis called "short and productive" negotiations ended with Kessel signing a US$64-million, eight-year contract on Tuesday. Im sorry everyone, I was wrong. Last week in this space, I placed Aaron Judge at No. 2 on the list, ending the analysis with the following: If he is promoted soon, and given regular at-bats in the Bronx, he could hit 8-10 more the rest of the way. What I probably should have said was Judge is an absolute monster who feasts on baseballs and could hit 8-10 home runs in the month of August alone. The Yankees promoted the powerful prospect on Saturday and immediately were rewarded for that decision.First, lets talk about the visual. Judge is 6-foot-7 and nearly 300 pounds. He is a left tackle playing right field with agility he should not have while being that big. He also clears the crouching catcher by about four feet, which is an uncommon sight for most pitchers.Judge does this while wearing number 99. It takes a certain level of confidence to walk up to the plate with such an unorthodox number for the sport. Remember, Manny Ramirez wore 99 foor a brief period, and we know he had the confidence level of a raccoon raiding your trash at night -- which is up there. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys China. .Making his debut Saturday afternoon, Judge batted eighth behind Tyler Austin, who was also making his big league debut. Austin hit a 331-foot home run seconds before Judge was announced. On a 1-2 pitch from Matt Andriese, Judge smashed a ball 109 miles per hour in the opposite direction, landing 446 feet away to straight away center field.Leading off the third inning on Sunday, Judge went to the opposite field at 102 mph for a 362-foot home run to right field. This time, he waited until the count was full. At his current pace of a home run per game, Judge should hit 45 more the rest of the way. It seems feasible.Who is the next player to set unreasonable expectations? Lets find out: ' ' '