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ATLANTA -- Rapper Gucci Mane took full advantage of the Kiss Cam while attending an NBA game in his hometown of Atlanta, using his scoreboard appearance to pop the question to girlfriend Keyshia Kaoir. Paul Westphal Jersey .Video of the proposal on Tuesday night shows Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, getting down on one knee and presenting Kaoir with a sizable ring after the couple was shown on the scoreboard in a heart-shaped frame. The model and fitness guru quickly said yes and was given with a bouquet of roses from the Atlanta Hawks mascot.Tuesday was dubbed Gucci Mane night at the Hawks Philips Arena. The rapper performed at halftime.It seems the only drawback to the night for Gucci Mane was the game, which the Hawks lost to the New Orleans Pelicans 112-94. Quentin Richardson Jersey . For the Wild it was their first win of the season and they now have a record of 1-1-2 while the Jets fall to 2-2. Jets start a six game home stand Friday with another divisional game, home to the Dallas Stars. Gary Gregor Jersey . Marincin has played in two NHL games so far this season with two penalty minutes. The 21-year-old has three goals, four assists and a plus-5 rating in 24 games with the American Hockey Leagues Oklahoma City Barons this season. https:///...ley-jersey-suns.html . The Barrie Colts defenceman, who impressed many with his play for Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championship, is the top-ranked skater in the February rankings. He has 19 goals and 24 assists for 43 points in 45 games with the Colts this season. TROON, Scotland -- What was it like caddying on a day when Scottish links showed their true colors during a major? As much as I love to caddie, days like Friday at The Open make me question what I was thinking when I first agreed to pick up the bag. That feeling doesnt last long, until I talk to a caddie after the round. Enjoy.Collins: How much different was the course compared to the first round? Caddie: It was a complete 180. Literally. Youre going down off the right heading out [the wind on Thursday]. And then today it was in out of the right, so only like 140 [degree difference] but. ... I asked my pro if hes ever played [Royal Troon] in that condition, and he said no. Hes played this course [before this week]. It was weird; he asked me on the driving range, Have you thought about what were going to hit on any of the holes on the front nine? Collins: He asked you? Caddie: Yeah. Its like, Dude, kind of yeah, but you should probably be telling me what youre thinking. It ended up pretty much being all drivers because they [the holes] were all blowing pretty well [into the wind]. ?? Its just different. You have to completely change your mindset. Going out the first three youre looking at flip wedges after hitting 4- or 5-iron off the tee versus, Im going to have to hit this fairway or else Im going to have a tough shot in.Collins: Which hole was the hardest to caddie in the opposite wind and why? Caddie: Hmmm. I would say, I mean 8? ? Today it [the wind] was helping off the left, and that pin was a little bit back, so you had literally like a postage stamp. You had a very small area that you could hit it --? especially because he chose a club that I wasnt 100 percent sure of, but he loves to hit these little soft chip shots. So when youre going down off the left and you only want to land it 113 and he pulls a little pitching wedge out in your helping wind. Youre like, One-thirteen, playing 105. Pitching wedge? And he goes, Do you like this? ... Ive seen it before, but if he catches it a little strong that thing is, well you know, thats dead. That was a difficult hole to trust that, but he hit it perfect.Collins: Whats that like when you know your player has too much club in that situation? Caddie: Its hard because my mentality is that I [have to] know what shot hes thinking, not the shot that Im thinking. So you have to be very aware of when he says Do you like this? that means Do you like the way Im going to play this? versus not the way you [the caddie] see it. ? Its very unique in the aspect of, you have to have that mentality that you always have to be thinking what theyre thinking. Which is difficult because I didnt get a Ph.D. in psychology.Collins: What are the bunkers like over here compared to the PGA Tour? Caddie: Very difficult. Out there [on the PGA Tour] ? when they say deep bunker its like you have plenty of room to get it up [in the air]. Kevin Johnson Jersey. These are so small theyre like little golf holes. Theyre straight vertical. ? Its literally a wall, and when you say deep bunkers at Jacks place at Muirfield, overall its deep but you still have so much room to carry it over any lip. Youre not going to get as much spin, but these, you physically cant get it over the lip if youre within a foot and a half to 2 feet of the lip. Collins: At least over here you dont have to rake the bunkers. Caddie: Love it. Could you imagine today if I had to rake the bunker, clean his club, clean his ball -- Id need eight hands if that was the case. I only needed six today. Its great because it saves time -- and they change consistency through the day.Collins: In conditions like today, hard rain, wind, no rain, misty, big wind, etc., whats the hardest part for you as the caddie? Caddie: Its just staying consistent. Picking a routine and sticking with it. Really just knowing what your player wants out of you, not trying to over-caddie. Like if you notice he doesnt really need help with an umbrella over a 6-foot putt, then dont go walk over there and have him tell you no. Just realize what he likes and doesnt like. Collins: You used the term over-caddie. Caddie: Yeah, you dont need to be a hero out here. Especially if you have a veteran who kind of knows what he likes. Its probably pretty difficult for a guy whos a first timer [in The Open]. If its doing the on-and-off-again [rain], hes like, S---, its raining I need my umbrella. Its not raining, I dont need my umbrella. Its raining, but you need to clean this club. The pros got to have a little ego check and make sure my caddies good. I joked with my player. He hit the shot and I was standing there, I hand him the umbrella and he holds it over me to make sure I can clean it [the club] and put it in the bag. And he starts walking and he goes, Oh wait, are you good? I go, Thats the nicest thing youve ever said to me. Were just laughing.Collins: What should people know about this course they might not see or hear? Caddie: How slow these greens are. I understand that its a British Open and theyre trying to keep them like that, but with this rain I imagine youre going to see a lot of putts left short. Or a lot of players overreading some of these greens, because if youre playing them [putts] firm then its going to break less cause theyre slower. ? The speed of these greens is really important because you need to stay aggressive. Your balls not going to go 4 to 5 feet by like most do in majors. ? Its a weird concept to have firm and slow. ' ' '