Obvious this opens Path of Exile up bot currency trading von vkmoons Blog

 Is that a big worry?

You guys will have to come to an opinion on that.

 I feel like if things all have a decent relative value that makes sense then currency flipping has no profit, only under priced stuff can be flipped and it can only be flipped to the standard ratio because u cant make people overpay.

 So people who want a quick sale can udnercut, and the bots will flip their currency instantly to Buy POE Currency the currency accepted ratio, but might this process even ebenefit in some ways in terms of allowing people to get instant.

 Movement for less return and actually bringing about a more stable ratio in a lot of situations that can only move gradually when large parts of the market agree on the shift rather than POE Trade 10 guys and their alt accounts being able to masively shift ratios with fake listing the way they can now in a system where u can list without selling?


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