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linchao Apr 26 '19

Cornerback Marcus Peters has struggled since the Chiefs traded him to the Rams Jared Goff Color Rush Jersey , and Kansas City’s secondary has struggled without him. Nine months later, it remains unclear why the Chiefs traded Peters and a sixth-round pick for a fourth-rounder and a 2019 second-rounder. Peters has suggested raising his fist in support of Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem played a part in his departure.The Chiefs also suspended him for one game last season after he tossed an official’s flag and left the field without being ejected.Whatever the team’s reasons, Chiefs coach Andy Reid wasn’t shedding any light on them during a conference call with Rams beat writers Thursday.“Yeah, I鈥檓 not going to get into all of that,” Reid said , via Rich Hammond of the Southern California News Group. “That was a decision that was made here, and it happened and he is doing a heck of a job. I鈥檓 proud of the way he鈥檚 playing.”Rams cornerback Aqib Talib said Peters is “good” and expects him to bounce back from his struggles. For both Peters and the Rams, there is not a better time than this week for that to happen. How young is Sean McVay? The Rams coach, who turned 33 this week, is nine years younger than Tom Brady Jack Youngblood Color Rush Jersey , 13 years younger than Adam Vinatieri and half the age of Bill Belichick.He is four months older than Julian Edelman.McVay is so young that he played against Edelman in college.Kent State, quarterbacked by Edelman, won the 2006 meeting against Miami of Ohio. Edelman completed 14 of 22 passes for 244 yards with a touchdown and an interception, while running for 61 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries. McVay caught four passes for 47 yards and added a two-point conversion.A year later, the RedHawks beat Kent State with McVay catching three passes for 37 yards. Edelman threw for 260 passing yards and rushed for 93 yards but scored no touchdowns and threw two interceptions.Edelman has no memory of playing McVay.“Honestly Torry Holt Jersey , I don鈥檛 [remember], but it was pretty cool to see some footage. It was cool,” Edelman told reports in Foxboro on Friday.Edelman has nothing but respect for McVay the head coach.“It鈥檚 very remarkable. He鈥檚 a stud,” Edelman said. “He鈥檚 my age, and he鈥檚 leading an organization to a Super Bowl. It鈥檚 unbelievable Eric Dickerson Color Rush Jersey , and it鈥檚 a testament to how much he knows the game, how hard he works. I love seeing it. He鈥檚 a MAC guy. You know that coach McVay and that coaching staff is going to have that team ready, and we鈥檙e going to have to take advantage of the preparation time that we have and get ready, too.”