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LONDON -- British fighters Carl Froch and George Groves have agreed to a rematch following their controversial super-middleweight title fight in November. Rayshawn Jenkins Womens Jersey . Froch retained his WBA and IBF titles with a ninth-round stoppage against Groves in Manchester on Nov. 23. Groves launched an appeal, saying referee Howard Foster stopped the fight prematurely, and the IBF then ordered a rematch. Their second clash will take place on May 31 when Frochs IBF and WBA titles will be at stake again. No further details were provided on Thursday. Promoter Eddie Hearn says "the unanswered questions from the first fight may now be answered. Get ready for a whirlwind of a build-up and an event and fight for the ages." Mike Williams Chargers Jersey . Russell Wilson against Darrelle Revis, former teammate Brandon Browner and whatever schemes Bill Belichick dreams up. Dan Feeney Womens Jersey ." Bach is in Rome for the European Olympic Committees general assembly and meetings with Pope Francis. He also visited with Italian Premier Enrico Letta. "The prime minister appeared to be interested in a bid from Italy for 24, because he has realized that the games can serve as a catalyst for development for a city and a country," Bach told The Associated Press on Saturday.Even as a skinny, spiky-haired teenager who was scarcely qualified to share a stage with darts’ best players, Michael van Gerwen had no fear of the legendary Phil Taylor. And so began the impregnable mind-set that has spawned one of his generation’s most consistently perfect sportspeople. He is the greatest of all time, but I am the best of all time - its not that Van Gerwen doesnt have respect for Taylor, the elder statesman of the oche. But he makes it crystal clear that, while Taylor warrants credit for dragging darts onto a mainstream pedestal and reaping rewards along the way, the bar has now been dramatically raised.Perhaps Van Gerwen, the current world No 1, plays with the freedom of knowing that he will never match Taylors astonishing 16 world titles, the majority of which were achieved in the drastically different landscape of the 1990s. No, its not possible to win more, or become the greatest ever, because I cannot win 16 world titles, the 27-year-old exclusively told Sky Sports. I will be retired before. No, its not possible to win more, or become the greatest ever, because I cannot 16 world titles. I will be retired before. Michael van Gerwen Van Gerwen first defeated Taylor as a 17-year-old in the Netherlands, his homeland, in their second head-to-head meeting. Tellingly, despite a total of 56 matches between them, Van Gerwen needs no reminding of the first time he beat Taylor.Correct, it was a big tournament in Holland, he said. I beat him in the group stage over there. I had a lot of confidence - I was probably the first one to beat him 3-0 in sets. The best Ive ever played - Phil Taylor pays tribute Live Grand Slam of Darts November 12, 2016, 1:00pm Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass Even aged 17, was that the moment when Van Gerwen realised his eventual fate to overtake Taylor? He takes a long pause before answering. A very long pause as he tries to remember his less battle-hardened psychology.You think you can, but its not easy to change things around and actually be the best in the world. You get confidence, and try to play the best possible. I always believed in myself and you have to do that, otherwise you cant win something.Van Gerwen has grown into one of sports most recognisable figures - always clad in green, he stands as tall as a great oak yet, and despite his burgeoning personal brand, remains polite and jovial away from the oche. He even apologises to Sky Sports for keeping us waiting for just a few minutes. Thats hard to do, trying to become a winner. You first need to know what its like to lose before you can win something. Michael van Gerwen Did he learn the hard way on the BDO circuit as a teen prodigy? You learn to travel on your own, you learn to compete against people with a lot of experience which is hard to do. Thats hard to do, trying to become a winner. You first need to know what its like to lose before you can win something. Mike Williams Jersey. enjoyed it because, at that moment, it was a big thing. I was No 1 in the BDO rankings. It was good to start with but…. Van Gerwen pauses to search for the right words. It was only the beginning.Its worth remembering that the Dutchmans rapid ascent to the pinnacle of darts has overcome a major road-bump when even his most ardent followers considered that he might waste his talent. Michael van Gerwen beat Gary Anderson 5-2 to win the World Grand Prix title for a third time Of course I can remember, I had too many of them. I had moments where I was better than 90 per cent of the field, but I lost to 90 per cent of the field. You need to ask what am I doing wrong? Where can I improve? What can I do to change things around?I also had a couple of years like a beginner because I wasnt confident and I couldnt win a tournament. But you need to try and change that around. You need the confidence on your side, rather than the other way around. You need them to look up to you, not the other way around. If you look up to someone, you fear them. If you look up to someone, you fear them. Michael van Gerwen Van Gerwen is now the most feared player on the circuit, having just won a third successive European Championship plus the UK Open, World Matchplay and World Grand Prix. He is the reigning Grand Slam champion ahead of the tournaments restart, live on Sky Sports, between November 12-20.Asked if any other sportspeople match his iron grip over their chosen realm, Van Gerwen is fully aware of his own greatness: I realise that, and sometimes its a bit unbelievable what Im doing at the moment. You need to realise that because it makes you stronger. Sky Sports experts believe MVG still requires another world title Ronnie OSullivan, what he said about me in an interview with just a couple of words, was fantastic. He called me the greatest sportsman on earth, and thats a big compliment. Hes probably the most dominant snooker player, and the best of all time. He can hit a 147 with his right or left hand.But can Van Gerwen throw darts with his weaker hand? I cannot, so hes probably more special than me. Theres a few capable darts players descending on Wolverhampton this weekend that might disagree.Watch Van Gerwen at the Grand Slam of Darts, live on Sky Sports, November 12-20. Also See: Major milestones MVG-Wolfie at Grand Slam MVG triumphant in Glasgow Mardles group of death Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '