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blair2019 Mär 14 '19

After entering 2019, I can clearly feel that the new Air Jordan 1 Mid is much stronger than the OG Air Jordan 1, and the color value of each pair is good! Recently, there is another pair of cherry blossom powder, Air Jordan 1 Mid Crimson Tint is about to debut, it is simply a pink color matching for men and women. The shoes are mainly made of black, white, light pink and bright pink. The upper material is also quite rich. It seems to be a combination of high quality leather, suede and fabric. The large pinkish color of the shoe is matched with the bright pink laces and the outsole. The depth echoes the level. If you change the black laces, it will bring another completely different visual experience.

If there is any heavyweight item in the sneaker circle recently, the new Air Jordan 1 Couture Defiant is definitely banned. Not only the most classic color scheme, but even the design inspiration is to pay tribute to Joe, the main choice, whether it is out of the street or collection is a good choice. The United States and Japan have already taken the lead in launching this pair of alternatives on February 23rd. Air Jordan 1, China will also be officially on sale
tomorrow morning. The overall design differs from the traditional Air Jordan 1 in that the upper is made of glossy, glossy leather, with a calming black leather finish and a bright red “paint strip”. The midsole is also blended with the old beige to finish, and the tribute to the "Banned" in the calm, classic retro, but also has a high degree of visual recognition, let people never forget!

2019 Sneakers Release Along with the arrival of International Women's Day on March 8, Jordan Brand also released a new girl-only Air Jordan 3 RTR EXP Lite. Based on the classic Air Jordan 3, the design of the upper, midsole and outsole is retained. Transforming the iconic 3/4 mid-high design into an exaggerated high-top style, visually similar to the recently launched "Mars Shoes." At the same time, the zipper is also set on the transparent flap material, which is convenient for wearing and detaching, and also has the avant-garde trend attribute. At the same time, the long and thin shoes will also give you the space to play the "fancy tie". The color matching aspect is quite
OK. The Thunder team has a sense of sight. The upper is white and the details are filled with vibrant coral orange, navy blue and sunset yellow. In terms of material application, in addition to the delicate leather, there are nylon shoe lifts and flaps that run from the toe to the upper.