The Path of Exile: Interpretation of Legion Balance Change von smrtsmiths Blog

As the upcoming Legion content expands into exile, Grinding Gear can give players with forward-looking observations of ongoing balancing changes. Most notably, balance adjustments are applied to melee fighting in the range of areas. These include early battles, the opportunity to hit multiple targets, skill rebalancing, support for gems, including new, passive tree changes, accuracy, weapon base types, weapon/gem damage, and POE Currency general combat changes.
The Chieftain, Berserker and Slayer courses, in addition, have undergone major changes.

Predators and duelists dominate the class

We made major changes on the chiefs, the Berserkers plus the killers. We want to provide them with a stronger identity and much better enable them to achieve their design goals.
For a hearth damage attacker, the chieftain needs to be an amazing choice because doing so will give lots of life regeneration and ought to be a competitive option for melee totem characters.
Berserkers need to be able to get some good of the highest damage amongst gamers, but with a high cost. We also condense the recovery tools available to POE Currency Buy make them better and allow that you spend more time on the damage. He also has new deadly attack celebrities who reward the development of critical strikes inside a unique way.

The killer strengthens his position to generate the most of his life, and that he can also do great harm to his unique enemies. He also has strong regional bonuses, together with new Critical synergies plus a professional Frenzy and Endurance charging mechanism.

Gladiator is accepting a noteworthy new role to compliment the Gladiator-themed blood and sand skills but has not yet received some other major changes. The champion is accepting some minor improvements, plus the Juggernaut continues to be the same, aside from his unyielding passive damage and regional gain.


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