Travis Frederick was dealt a surprising hand shortly before the Dallas Cowboys season began when he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. | Forum

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 We haven’t seen Frederick this season as a result of his illness and back in early October the team officially placed him on injured reserve. Dallas has maintained optimism throughout this process Authentic Chris Jones Jersey , but from the very start it was unlikely that Travis would play football this season, and quite honestly the top priority was his health.According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, Frederick has reached a bit of a milestone in his recovery. He’s now regaining sensation in his hands which is quite a testament both to how far he’s come and just how serious things have been for him this fall.It’s great to hear that Frederick is progressing and that he’s got a positive outlook as far as the road that lays ahead. This was never going to be an easy situation to handle and the fact that the Cowboys have supported him throughout it says a lot about who they are as an organization.While this is definitely a step in the right direction we should all be cautious about getting ahead of ourselves in his recovery. There’s no doubt that this news should be celebrated, but also within the DMN report was that Travis still has no sensation in his feet. He is clearly confident that it’s only temporary Youth Terrance Williams Jersey , though.Our best thoughts and wishes to Travis Frederick in his recovery. When the Dallas Cowboys fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander, almost no one was disappointed besides possibly Paul Alexander and family. Once a strength, the Cowboys offensive line had fallen into mediocrity, capable of great play at times , then poor play at others. The inconsistency was maddening. Many blamed Alexander and his newfangled techniques of line play. Even Alexander recently noted that getting his techniques across to the Cowboys players was not exactly happening in the timely manner he would probably want, noting that some of the players “didn’t want to mess with it.”Some of the Cowboys offensive linemen admitted that now that Alexander is gone, they will likely go back to their old techniques, for the most part.While Zack Martin and La’el Collins took some of the responsibility for Alexander’s firing Tyrone Crawford Jersey , Tyron Smith didn’t want to go there. He was pretty dismissive of that idea, but noted that his play hasn’t been what it should. He’s just happy to see Hudson Houck back.Speaking of Colombo, the players were universal in their praise of their new coach. Again, there’s that idea of familiarity and going back to what they know. And what they knew in the past was being dominant.This will be an interesting case study of just how much an effect a position coach can have.