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A large number of new Madden 20 Power Up cards will soon be added to the game. Agent K analyzed the details of this update at Good Morning Madden on Twitch on Monday. In addition, the first six Power Up items including three new players were displayed. These contents greatly stimulated players' enthusiasm for the game. As a result, players' demand for MUT Coins is rising rapidly. The following mainly introduces how these items work.

This time there are six brand new Madden 20 Power Up items. Players who now need to upgrade to 98 will now be able to use the new card through Madden 20 Power Up expansion. The top six of these players were revealed in a live Madden Twitch live broadcast on May 4. They include quarterback Kordell Stewart, lenient successor Nate Burleson, guard Cory Schlesinger and centre-back NaVorro Bowman. Their cards have a total of 76 or 78 items. In terms of power-up projects, NaVorro Bowman, Nate Burleson and Kordell Stewart are all brand new.

Every Tuesday, the crazy ultimate team will have a set of six new Power Up cards. They will be players who already have props but need further upgrades. With Power Up items, players can bring these players up to 98 cards. For some players, such as Cory Schlesinger, players will need to use special items in the process of leading to 98 OVR. For Schlesinger, this may include his items in the Madden Theme Diamonds promotion. For other players, gamers only need to spend Madden Training to improve them. There will also be a Power Up Pass option.

As mentioned earlier, the first 6 of the new Madden 20 Power Up player items will be released in Ultimate Team today. More new players will join this expansion every Tuesday, so stay tuned. But this means that the difficulty of confrontation faced by players will continue to increase as more people join Madden 20. Faced with such a complex game environment, the majority of players need to buy mutcoins as soon as possible and then obtain items that enhance their strength. The more exciting news is that players will usher in Madden 21 in the second half of 2020. By then, players will have a better gaming experience. But at the same time the number of Madden 21 players will rise further. Therefore, it is best for players to prepare more MUT 21 Coins to deal with future challenges.

Last weekend, the NFL trials provided some sports programs for football fans. And, in the game world, there is news that the Baltimore Ravens quarterback is unwilling to disclose that he will be the cover athlete for this year's "Madden 21". Players thought that EA would use the draft as a platform to officially announce this year's game, but they didn't. Although this is a pity for fans, players can Buy MUT Coins through GAME MS in exchange for superstar players.

EA usually announces the latest installment of its long-running Madden series at the NFL draft, but for any reason, the publisher decided to withdraw. There may be many reasons for the lack of an official announcement, but this is just speculation.

First, coronaviruses force game developers to switch to home models, which may have an impact on game marketing or development. Normally, the new Madden will be launched in August, but any development delays may delay it. Another fact is that two new consoles will be launched later this year. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be launched this holiday season. However, due to potential manufacturing and supply problems, coronaviruses are also threatening this situation. In terms of its value, Microsoft and Sony still seem to be committed to launching the product later this year.

In the eyes of players, after the NFL draft, when is the best time to announce Madden 21 has become uncertain. There will not be any official Xbox or PlayStation disclosure events, and E3 has been abandoned, which also means that EA Play will not happen. Fortunately, we live in the YouTube world, so the official announcement is as simple as uploading a trailer. Finally, a warm reminder to players, if you use MUT Coins, you can quickly build a strong team and have rare players.

Two weeks ago, NFL ’s former catcher Chad Ochocinco played the game Madden 20 with his fans on Twitch. Chad Ochocinco again vigorously promoted the “Stay & Play” event, which required people to stay at home during the COVID-19 virus epidemic . I believe that the majority of fans will respond to his call. Old and new players, if you want to quickly have more characters in Madden 20, or want to quickly build your own team, you can Buy MUT Coins on GameMS, the price is very favorable .
The project that Chad Ochocinco participated in two weeks ago was a Madden NFL 20 and FIFA 20 match with fans.
His first Madden game performed poorly because his Baltimore Ravens lost to the New Orleans Saints 43-7.
The second game was more competitive, but Ochocinco's Kansas City Chiefs lost 31-28 to the Houston Texans.
After quarterback Patrick Mahomes hit wide Tyreek Hill for a long touchdown, he became very excited, but the Texans came in and kicked the game's winning field goal.
In the end, Chad Ochocinco ended the game with FIFA 20 and lost 3-2.
The former NFL fan is a six-time professional bowler. He played with the Cincinnati Bengals for 10 years from 2001 to 2011, and played with the New England Patriots for ten years. He was the best professional player of the first team for two sessions and led the league with 1,369 teams in 2006. Although Chad Ochocinco has become a former professional player, fans who like him can continue to support him on Madden 20. By the way, in the game, buying MUT Coins can enhance their team and be closer to winning the game.
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